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Will Epps, CEO & Founder

As a young man, Will discovered that his passion and gift were in his hands. What he easily grasped and subsequently performed seemed incredibly hard to others. This gave him a sense of purpose and value very early in life.

Will was raised in the home repair business and as a teen, he took to carpentry. He attended trade school beginning in the 9th grade and advanced to college to further his education in the field of teaching and construction business and management. 

Will worked in the field throughout his 

adult life and later began teaching

construction methods to high school students with learning challenges. Being encouraged to start his own business, he opened New Vision IERC & Sons, LLC, and brought along some of his students in the trade to give them a chance to get on the job training just like someone did with Will.  


New Vision IERC & Sons, LLC, is a  General Contracting company that renovates, repairs and builds residential homes, as well as light commercial work for office buildings, churches, schools and restaurants in the Greater Baltimore area.

Bring us YOUR vision and our design experts and architects can help you to bring it to life. Every step of the way!

At New Vision, we don’t just solicit jobs for profit but we pride ourselves on educating our customers so that they may get the most value for their hard-earned money. We strive to be one of the finest players in the Home Improvement business, pursuing excellence through dedication and experience.

Professional Training & Experience

Our licensed, insured and expertly trained staff have over 50 years of combined home improvement and renovation experience. We specialize in renovations and new construction and we possess certifications in all phases of home repair and weatherization. We offer continual training and mentorship in construction technology and code compliance for our skilled craftsmen.

New Vision's Goals and Direction

New Vision plans to be one of the most sought after residential/commercial companies in our area. We strive to be a multi-cultured company for all people in all phases in the general construction business.  We are growing with each year and striving to do things right the first time, within your budget and with quality, care and efficiency. We educate our customers, teach and train our employees, so that in the end, we all win!

The sky is the limit when it comes to your next project! We want your home/office to look incredible, add to its value, improve efficiency and sustainability and offer a safe, comfortable space for you to live and work!

New Vision IERC & Sons.jpg

Now, with nearly 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Will aspires to be a leader in the his home market, known for his quality, integrity and resourcefulness to his clients.

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